Café 1907

Café 1907 was established in 2018, by owners Trista & Gary Rank. Committed to bringing good food at affordable prices to the community, they jumped at the chance to open their restaurant at a new location in Downtown Manistee.

 Trista and Gary are residents of Manistee

The Iron Works Building 

Specializing in casting, fitting and machinery repair, the Manistee Iron Works was birthed on the corner of River and Smith Streets in 1871 by Manistee residents John Bowie and Nels Johnson. After Johnson left, Bowie had a string of different partners in the burgeoning business. In 1883 the firm incorporated with Bowie as President and George Ray as Vice President.

However, after a dispute that included legal proceedings, Ray eventually became President of the company and constructed a new building on the corner of Ashland and Jones Streets in 1887. In 1907, the firm expanded again and another building was constructed on land located south of the 1887 structure.

In 1953, both the business and the building were acquired by the Michigan Tool Company, which operated machine shops in both Detroit and Traverse City.

By the mid-1960s, Michigan Tool Company had been bought out by Ex-Cell-O, a Troy based company that specialized in making small machine parts for other machines.


Ex-Cell-O later expanded the original 1907 building and continued to operate out of Manistee Iron Works until late July of 1981. In 1981, the company announced they were ceasing operations in Manistee due to lack of business.

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Trista & Gary Rank


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